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how to: upload custom moodtheme

May. 8th, 2009 | 06:19 pm
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i was fiddling about with dreamwidth and found out a way to upload a moodtheme. i searched around but haven't found another how to post yet so hopefully, there isn't one :") this is just a simple way to upload a moodtheme onto dreamwidth for those of you who have paid accounts and were't sure about it before. it's very, very similar to the way you upload a moodtheme onto livejournal but i am going to go into full detail here anyway for anyone's benefit.

1) find a moodtheme and upload the seperate images onto a host site like photobucket. do not change any of the names!

2) go to the dreamwidth admin console. in the box, paste in:

moodtheme_create "Title of Theme" "Short Description of Theme"

make sure to change the title of the theme to your desired title and click execute. if you did everything correctly, you should get a number. (from here on it is the same as if you are uploading it onto lj.) keep a note of this number! do not navigate away from this page.

3) go to the original moodtheme you downloaded and open it up. it should have a .txt file which has all of the admin console codes you need. using the "replace" tool in your notepad, replace the 12345 number with the number you generated in step 2. also replace the hosting website to your own host.

4) copy everything in the now edited .txt file and copy it into the box. click "execute" again. if you did everything correctly, your moodtheme should now be accepted. (if not, go back and re-do the steps.) if you go to your customizing journal page, the moodtheme you uploaded should be under the drop down menu in the mood theme option. now simply select it!

i hope this helps someone atleast. it's very simple and you shouldn't have any problems with it : )

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